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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! This 46-year-old holiday is commemorated this year by world leaders signing the Paris Agreement on climate change at the UN in New York – a great step, but the real work will be to take aggressive action to protect our … Continue reading

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Pink Fire

Earth Day came and went, as usual the time passing by way too quickly. Spring has arrived in a big way. A slew of freelance work has left me breathless the last few months, with barely enough time or energy … Continue reading

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Hiking the Joe Rodota Trail

Although it’s paved and is a great bike trail, the Joe Rodota Regional Trail is a fantastic approximately 5-mile walk between Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, in beautiful Sonoma County. (This trail also connects with the West County Trail, which goes … Continue reading

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A Time for Harvest

The other morning I’d eaten a piece of wheat toast out in our garden, enjoying a moment of warmth in the sunshine – rare during this cold summer. Later that day, I noticed the distinctive calls of what we’ve come … Continue reading

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The Joy of Life – and Sharing It

Today in our garden we saw a wondrous sight: two hummingbirds, in the midst of what appeared to be a dance. I watched, enthralled, as first one, then the other zoomed from one corner of the yard, out to the … Continue reading

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Last New Year’s Eve: In the Presence of Giants

– 12/31/10: An enchanted New Year’s Eve, the last night of a year that passed way too rapidly. Cold! Windy! Freezing, literally! Rain, hail, and even some unexpected snow, deep in the mountains of redwood country in northern California. Earlier … Continue reading

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Hope in the Garden

Today I went down to our garden. The construction work on our back stairs has gradually taken over the whole yard, as the contractor discovers more rot within the ancient boards holding up our back room. Large hunks of concrete … Continue reading

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