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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! This 46-year-old holiday is commemorated this year by world leaders signing the Paris Agreement on climate change at the UN in New York – a great step, but the real work will be to take aggressive action to protect our … Continue reading

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Autumnal Equinox – Happy Fall!

My favorite poet, Emily Dickinson, wrote: “There is a certain slant of light -” (she was writing about winter afternoons, but I’ll take a liberty here). The wheel of the year turns once again, and we are already at the … Continue reading

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A Time for Harvest

The other morning I’d eaten a piece of wheat toast out in our garden, enjoying a moment of warmth in the sunshine – rare during this cold summer. Later that day, I noticed the distinctive calls of what we’ve come … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

Stepping down into a garden redolent of jasmine cascades and stalks of fennel, I snip arugula and lettuces that we planted earlier in the season. First strawberries await ripening and harvest of their juicy berries. Seeing what’s changed from day … Continue reading

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