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Celebrating Lammas and Lughnasa with Bounty from the County

It’s Lammas (also known as Lughnasa) once again! The Wheel of the Year has turned already, which is unbelievable to me. This holiday marks the beginning of harvest season, and I’m filled with gratitude for the bounty in our garden. … Continue reading

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Imbolc, or Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day! How did this member of a group of large ground squirrels come to predict the weather? The largest of the Sciuridae family in their northeastern US and Canada range, groundhogs’ short, powerful limbs and curved, thick claws work well for digging. Groundhogs have adapted … Continue reading

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Feast of All the Dead

The wheel of the year turns so rapidly…and now we find ourselves already at All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween, Samhain, a festival marking the end of harvest and the coming of the dark, of winter. This is the pagan new year, and falls … Continue reading

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Camping at Lughnasa

Just in time for the Lughnasa holiday, to celebrate the year’s bounty and honor the shortening of the days, we found ourselves on a long-awaited camping trip: Trinity Alps, California Lake, dropped out of nowhere like a jewel, Surrounded by … Continue reading

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Groundhogs, Ceres, and Feeding the Hungry

February 2 is Candlemas or Imbolg – halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. British tradition holds that good weather now portends severe winter weather later. It’s also when bears are thought to interrupt their hibernation to look outside, as well … Continue reading

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Lammas Harvest

Already it’s high summer! Our ancestors and modern pagans alike celebrate Lammas as the union of Sun and Earth, of God and Goddess, the first Harvest of grain. This time for gathering and appreciating great abundance is also Lughnasa, the … Continue reading

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A Feast for Beltane and May Day

May 1 traditionally has been celebrated as Beltane by Gaels and Celts; May Day has also been celebrated among Germanic and other pagan cultures. It splits the year between the vernal equinox and summer solstice, and incorporates themes of fertility, … Continue reading

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