Pink Fire

Earth Day came and went, as usual the time passing by way too quickly. Spring has arrived in a big way.

A slew of freelance work has left me breathless the last few months, with barely enough time or energy to keep up with tasks in the garden. But I realized I have to make the time, take the time to enjoy being outside, because it won’t happen otherwise. How lucky we are to live here, taking in the scents of blossoms, and the sights of plants like the tea tree in bloom. Each day we go out into the garden and discover some new plant, weed, or bug that we don’t know – what a wonderful opportunity to learn!

Also in the spirit of catching things at the last minute: April is National Poetry Month (every day should be Poetry Day!) Mary Oliver, one of America’s most popular poets, captures some of the newness of Spring.


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7 Responses to Pink Fire

  1. mmorcey says:

    Take it all in, IB. You deserve your beautiful surrounding!

  2. Utherben says:

    I had no idea tea trees were so beautiful (& I use tea tree oil all the time). Love the pics!

  3. tara linda says:

    Gorgeous photos! Would love to see larger ones for the details. You are a lucky on there- it all looks wonderful ;)

  4. April is National Poetry Month ! Join us in honoring poets and poetry by visiting McIntyre Library’s PoeTree (poe-eh-tree), on display on the first floor of the library. The PoeTree is for everyone! Stop by the PoeTree, write down a poem you love or a poem you’ve written yourself, and hang it on the tree! Questions about the PoeTree? Contact Research & Instruction Librarian Robin Miller .

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