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Salt Point: Sea of Forms and Textures (Part Two)

Happy Earth Day! Every day, actually, is a new opportunity to appreciate, advocate for and be responsible stewards for our planet’s treasures. I was keenly aware of that on a recent trip to the coast, where visitors can see the … Continue reading

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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! This 46-year-old holiday is commemorated this year by world leaders signing the Paris Agreement on climate change at the UN in New York – a great step, but the real work will be to take aggressive action to protect our … Continue reading

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A Poem for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! (and belated) Happy National Poetry Month! As I procrastinated writing this post, I recalled Elizabeth Bishop‘s poem “One Art”: the art of losing’s not too hard to master though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster. On the first … Continue reading

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Pink Fire

Earth Day came and went, as usual the time passing by way too quickly. Spring has arrived in a big way. A slew of freelance work has left me breathless the last few months, with barely enough time or energy … Continue reading

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