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May Day

Happy International Workers’ Day, May Day, Beltane! However we honor this first day of May, whether attending virtual or car caravan protests and demonstrations, planting or relaxing in the garden or walking out in the fresh air – worker and … Continue reading

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Pumpkins for Day of the Dead

Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead: this most important holiday commemorates the end of the harvest season, and the start of the fallowing of the earth as it rejuvenates in slumber until the following year. Fortunately, recent rain brought us a harvest with … Continue reading

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Celebrating Lammas and Lughnasa with Bounty from the County

It’s Lammas (also known as Lughnasa) once again! The Wheel of the Year has turned already, which is unbelievable to me. This holiday marks the beginning of harvest season, and I’m filled with gratitude for the bounty in our garden. … Continue reading

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Imbolc, or Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day! How did this member of a group of large ground squirrels come to predict the weather? The largest of the Sciuridae family in their northeastern US and Canada range, groundhogs’ short, powerful limbs and curved, thick claws work well for digging. Groundhogs have adapted … Continue reading

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Brewing Beer in the New Year

Happy New Year! I’m celebrating with this, my 100th blog post! Diligence and discipline are two qualities I aspire to, but rarely adhere to, so this occasion calls for celebration. What better way than to make like a monk and … Continue reading

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Putting the Garden to Bed on the Winter Solstice

Happy Solstice! Now the sun dips to its lowest position in the sky, and we prepare for the year’s shortest day and longest night. This end of the season always saddens me – even more than autumn, with its changing … Continue reading

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Bees – Sharing the Journey and Giving Thanks for Home

Bees are amazing creatures. We’re lucky to have several types in our yard (honey bees, bumblebees, mason bees, carpenter bees), attracted to plants like rosemary, lavender, ceanothus, yarrow, and sage. In an earlier post I mentioned the marvelous bee dance done by these pollinators in search … Continue reading

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