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Solstice in a Season of Smoke: Winter Begins

As Winter Solstice approaches, the horrific smoke from Butte County, California’s Camp fire – the most deadly and destructive in state history – has finally abated, as the fire is at last contained. Even here, over 150 miles away, the … Continue reading

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Fall Equinox: A Kingdom of Chard

End of summer always breaks my heart. Even in the garden, I look at the burgeoning blooms and bounty as they wane and think, this is the last of this crop, that’s the last of that. So many ends of … Continue reading

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A More Common Flower at Solstice

Somehow it’s already the Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere), when traditions prompt us to celebrate midsummer‘s fertility with festivals and bonfires. Earth’s rotational axis on this day tilts at its greatest incline toward the star that it orbits – … Continue reading

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Poetry in the Ocean: Full Moon, High Tide, and Whale Songs

In early August, I took a visiting friend – a behavioral biologist who studies marine mammals – out to Limantour Beach in Point Reyes. She loved the mountains, the arch of cypress and great eucalyptus trees over the road, the … Continue reading

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Lammas or Lughnasa, the ancient harvest festival, is traditionally observed between sunset August 1 and sunset August 2. Sitting in the garden as the sun goes down, separating arugula seeds from their pods, is a meditative business. To my mind … Continue reading

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Samhain and Day of the Dead

Somehow, it’s that time again – the spiders in their season, spotted orb-weavers spinning their webs. Samhain – also known as Hallowe’en – is the pagan New Year, the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, and the … Continue reading

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Tule Elk at Tomales Point

First, I wanted to acknowledge and thank everyone for your incredible outpouring of kindness after my recent post. We feel so lucky, and so loved – and it helps me accept that everything will work out. And now for something … Continue reading

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