Winter’s Gifts

This Groundhog Day, also the ancient festival of Imbolc – traditionally celebrated with spring cleaning, as well as great feasts and bonfires – brings us new beginnings: a new year, new US presidential administration, and renewed hope for combating the global COVID pandemic and ever-present strife and violence. As plants and animals, too, take their rest in order to regenerate for the coming warmer months and growing season, so must we take nourishment and inspiration from nature. 

Storms blowing through our area recently brought with them spectacular clouds and waves, and left behind damp, mossy forests dotted with multiple types of spectacular mushrooms. This trip we did not find our usual edible chanterelles, so we left everything we found in the earth, taking only photos.

Earthstar puffball

Slimy lavender cortinarius

Coral mushroom

Fly agaric

Amanita phalloides? (if yes, the death cap mushroom is deadly toxic!)

Mossy knoll


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2 Responses to Winter’s Gifts

  1. Shonna says:

    Oh… mushrooms, lovely mushrooms! Your photos are just wonderful. I especially love the Slimy lavender cortinarius. Thank you for sharing your hike in the woods.

    • Thank you for looking! I so fondly remember the Fungus Fair we went to at Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science years ago. I still have that lovely mushroom-dyed yarn (now, what to make with it??)! xoxo

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