Harvest Bounty on Lughnasa

Lughnasa (also called Lammas) marks the halfway point between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. Celebrating the first harvest of the growing season, the holiday provides a perfect time to appreciate our garden’s bounty. Winter’s copious rains have nourished our clay soil, normally hard as a rock. Keeping the crops watered with drip irrigation in the summer allows fragile seedlings to transport nutrients from soil, compost, organic fertilizer, and mulch up into the stems, leaves, and eventually the plants’ flowers and fruit.

I appreciate so much just being out in the fresh (or hot, depending on the day!) air – redolent of the rich perfume of tomato flowers – and putting our hands into the soil, surrounded by the buzzing of innumerable native bees, butterflies, and songbirds like finches. Each plant we lovingly placed in the soil, each hole we dug in spring, when the earth was still moist from all the precipitation, will feed us, our friends, and neighbors thru the season and beyond. And each reminds us of our loving families, who nurtured our love of plants and nature; and of our good fortune at this wonderful time of year!





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2 Responses to Harvest Bounty on Lughnasa

  1. Carol Feiner says:

    What is the white squash?

    • Sorry to take so long to reply! It’s zucchini! I bought seeds this year (usually we just save our own and get the same from year to year) and neglected to note that it’d be white outside. Interior looks and tastes the same as your standard zucchini.

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