Spring Equinox under a Full Worm Moon

The vernal equinox is upon us, and with a bonus: the Full Worm Moon. The supermoon appears larger than usual as it reaches its closest point to Earth in its oval-shaped orbit. As the sun crosses the celestial equator, both northern and southern hemispheres experience equal daylight and darkness – equinox in Latin means “equal night.” The earth’s axis is exactly perpendicular to the sun’s rays, before returning to its tilted orbit around the sun. The sun rises and sets equidistant between sunrise and sunset locations of the summer and winter solstices. Now the days grow longer, as the sun continues its northward journey, until June.


This full moon signifies soil’s softening after winter rains, and the return of earthworm castings, which beckon to robins – a sure sign of spring. In the garden, I marvel at the fluffy white plum petals like snow against a field of blue: ceanothus, forget-me-not, grape hyacinth. Delicate scents of all the flowers are like spring’s first breaths. This time of year, as farmers have done through the ages, we dig compost into the soil and begin planting for the new growing season.

The burgeoning blossoms draw many species of birds (robins, cedar waxwings, house finches, goldfinches), their songs drifting inside through open windows. The air is filled with the frantic buzz of native honeybees and bumblebees on blooming rosemary, newly energized with the warmth of the sun. Such abundance and birth of new life in nature beautifully symbolize life’s possibilities of renewal. Happy Spring!

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3 Responses to Spring Equinox under a Full Worm Moon

  1. Shonna says:

    Happy Equinox my friend. Renewal time. Enjoy the moon!

  2. owlwoman says:

    Happy Equinox! The cherry tree outside my old home is now in full blossom. I was especially glad to have the chance to see it this year.

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