Bringing in the Harvest

Happy Lammas/Lughnasa to all! Somehow, we’ve passed high summer and autumn is already around the corner. Days shorten and nights grow longer, and the traditional harvest celebration has arrived. It rained more last winter than it had in years. And, thanks to our amending with yard and kitchen compost, the wondrous mix of minerals, organic matter and organisms, water and air that is our soil is healthier than ever. Add the magic of photosynthesis that allows plants to obtain nutrients thanks to these sunny languorous days, and our garden burst into bloom.

Now we reap the harvest after planting extra everything: beets, kale, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers. We found a brand new crop as well – growing zucchini and pumpkin next to each other in years past seemingly allowed them to cross-pollinate, producing a beautiful zucchini-toned hybrid I like to call a zumpkin. The taste of this fresh, nutrient-rich bounty is even sweeter when shared with local food banks, neighbors, and friends!



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7 Responses to Bringing in the Harvest

  1. owlwoman says:

    Always so many good things in your posts. And a real feast from your garden! Happy Lammas :)

  2. S. says:

    Happy Lammas to you! How beautiful. Now I want to grow a zumpkin. Maybe next year.

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  4. utherben says:

    Apologies for the lateness – August was quite a roller coaster! But I do always love the photos of your garden, and its succulent harvest. Zumpkins ahoy!

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