May Day

May Day (or Beltane) celebrations traditionally involve bonfires, and dancing around a Maypole to commemorate the coming of summer and the fertility of the growing season ahead. Observances such as our local march pictured here, also honor labor for International Workers’ Day, all across the world.

Our current global climate of conflict, inequality, and increased threats to science and nature itself reminds me again of the connection between nature and humanity.

We rely on the natural world for sustenance (physical and spiritual), for scientific and medical research. Nature must be protected because any imbalance affects millions of species, and that includes us as humans. And also reminds me that we must, more than ever, act not only as guardians and stewards, but as the inseparable part of nature that we are.



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6 Responses to May Day

  1. Janet says:

    I love your inspirational words and always learn something from you. Beltane: who knew?

  2. utherben says:

    A Blessed (if belated) Beltane to you, my friend. Thank you for posting those awesome pics, and for getting out there to march & make your voice heard!

  3. mfreeman706 says:

    Last two posts have been great, Irene. Sadly pertinent. The world has always been troubled, I guess, I just didn’t know it would get this dark again this fast. Thanks as always for your light. We need it.

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