Autumn Equinox and Equal Night

20160613_111224On September 22, the Autumnal Equinox, fall “officially” arrives here in the Northern Hemisphere (although the Southern Hemisphere marks the return of spring). The sun rises due east and sets due west, shining directly on the Equator. Both hemispheres experience nearly equal day and equal night – hence the Latin name “equinox.” After the sun rises and sets farther and farther north throughout summer, the Earth halts on its axis for this brief period of time, then again begins its tilt and gradual lean away from the sun, signaling the coming of winter, season of slanting light and longer shadows.

Many different cultures have celebrated the occasion from Asia, to Europe and beyond. This can be done by feasting on summer’s harvest and preparing for winter’s colder temperatures and longer nights.20160805_115220
20160726_19074020160901_175804Days are noticeably shorter now, and our garden is filled with the songs of birds and bugs, joining us as we gratefully celebrate our own bountiful harvest.




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8 Responses to Autumn Equinox and Equal Night

  1. Shonna says:

    My favorite time of year! Here comes Samhain!! Love it.

  2. utherben says:

    Love love love those photos of your garden! & glad to see your post. Our harvest came earlier; soon I’ll be bringing some old leafy friends in for the Winter. Hope your Equinox was wonderful, and I’ll try to update soon!

  3. mfreeman706 says:

    Garden looks great, Irene. Bunnies and deer chewed ours to pieces this year. Great post as always, too.

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