Solstice: a Paradise of Forms in Nature

Summer solstice is upon us: the time of year we fully celebrate the daylight in all its glory: when the earth tilts on its axis to most directly face the sun – which is highest in the sky – and we in the northern hemisphere experience the year’s shortest night and longest day.

Some say the highest purpose of form is to serve its own unique function. Thinking of simple yet brilliant creatures such as the snail reminds me of ancient mathematician Fibonacci’s sequence, which was limited by the golden mean or golden ratio, a number so universally irresistible, it’s been used by artists, architects, writers, and scientists to describe the symmetrical appeal of the human face and body, buildings, poetry, the structure of flowers, and animals such as the chambered nautilus.

An earlier post highlighted some of the fantastic forms that local lichens take. Perhaps not everything under the sun takes the form of the golden mean – but it’s a beautiful idea – and every day I’m enchanted by the multifarious and fantastic forms in nature.


20160206_13152620160402_111045 20160402_144743 20160407_120434

20160413_155118 20160508_14281420160428_185634  20160508_152710 Spiderwebs, Robert Louis Stevenson State Park





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8 Responses to Solstice: a Paradise of Forms in Nature

  1. Janet says:

    Stunning photos. 🌿

  2. canoetherapy says:

    these intersections of pen and camera lens are really enjoyable, looking thru the lens at small pieces of world with words leading us out to perhaps bigger ideas or patterns…fun!

  3. BC says:

    I love how you write and photo to help connect us better with nature and the universe. Can’t remember if I told you about a book I read recently that got me thinking a lot more about our world from quantum physics to the universe. Seven Short Lesson in Physics is a short, easy, thought provoking read. Someday the four of us should go to St. Petersburg for the summer solstice celebration.

    • Thanks, as always – you’ve always been great about encouraging me. Appreciate the book recommendation; sounds great! Would love to go to Peter with you – we were there around the time of the White Nights, on our “big trip” in 2004; it was amazing.

  4. Beautiful photos, Irene. Fascinating thoughts as well.

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