Brewing Beer in the New Year

Happy New Year! I’m celebrating with this, my 100th blog post! Diligence and discipline are two qualities I aspire to, but rarely adhere to, so this occasion calls for celebration. What better way than to make like a monk and brew a festive batch of beer? This beverage has some 7,000-9,000 years of history behind it, and some of the earliest writing found contains a brewing recipe. No wonder we have an almost mythical attachment to its hearty goodness.


Our hops, store-bought Simcoe hops, barley, yeast, liquid malt extract

Using hops flowers we’d grown in our garden the previous year, and ingredients purchased from the helpful folks at The Beverage People, we honor a household tradition: B. found behind our wall an old photograph of the family that once lived here – and brewed their own beer.


Heating up the kettle with the net bag of barley


Adding our hops at the boil


Primary fermenter (5-gallon food-grade plastic bucket)


After a week or two, siphoning wort into secondary fermenter


Two weeks more, and we’re ready to bottle! After a couple weeks of carbonating in the bottles, to avoid bottom sediment the beer should be decanted into drinking glasses.

The magic of commingling hops and barley with yeast causes the grains’ sugars to activate the yeast and begin fermentation. Nothing sounds merrier than the beer burbling happily in the background as we eat our supper on a rainy, cold night!beer family lilac house001




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6 Responses to Brewing Beer in the New Year

  1. mfreeman706 says:

    That’s great, Irene, and home-grown hops, too! Terrific post. Congratulations on finally getting some rain as well. Hope your garden booms this year.

  2. Shonna says:

    Huzzah! Wondering if the flowers are from the hops plant we gave you before moving to the PNW a couple of years ago? The old photo found in your home is splendid, what a treasure!! I’m tickled for you and B.

  3. Tom Mings says:

    Nice pic! That young B has hardly aged a day since we last saw the li’l nipper – still a rambunctious young hellion, heh?

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