Dried Arugula seeds

Lammas or Lughnasa, the ancient harvest festival, is traditionally observed between sunset August 1 and sunset August 2.


“Blueberry” cherry tomatoes


Romanesco broccoli

Sitting in the garden as the sun goes down, separating arugula seeds from their pods, is a meditative business. To my mind nothing comes closer to perfection – even in its imperfection! Each plant’s immortality engendered in its own body in a complete, sustainable cycle – it’s magic.


Russian cucumber

In the crepuscular light I contemplate 50 years on this little plot, and loved ones come and gone. I’m grateful for knowing them, grateful for this shining moment even as I’m aware of its passing. Regrets too often come easily, but how much richer to appreciate the meaningful in the moment: the harvest, the earth, the garden, and the bounty of our loved ones!





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6 Responses to Threshing

  1. Stephen says:

    I ain’t never heard of blueberry” cherry tomatoes.

  2. Chris Stevens says:

    Propagation! I love it. Beautiful photos.

  3. owlwoman says:

    Another inspiring post. The cycle of Life continues, whatever. It’s good to know!

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