Winter Solstice

Green I love you green
green the wind, and green the branches.
The dark ship on the sea
and the horse on the mountain. — Federico Garcia Lorca
from Romance Sonámbulo

This poem I love is on my mind as I stare out over the countryside after weeks-long torrents of rain. California’s drought is not over by any means — that remains to be seen after the spring — but the rains we’ve received since Thanksgiving have brought much relief. Grass springs up anew after just a couple of days, and my parched soul is quenched with the verdant landscape.

On this, the shortest day and longest night of the year, traditionally we put the earth to bed. This is the season of winding down, of death in preparation for rebirth and new growth in spring. For me, this is also the most bittersweet time of year, as I remember my parents and all they did to make the holiday season bright: decorating a beautiful tree, baking delicious cookies and mulling wine, shopping for and making thoughtful gifts. This also being the season of giving — I’d like to propose the idea of giving all year long, to think of people near and far who may be less fortunate, more in need, in ways financial and emotional, and to give in remembrance of loved ones who have given so much to us.

Joyous Solstice, and a wonderful holiday season, to all!



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6 Responses to Winter Solstice

  1. utherben says:

    Hurrah, the Solstice is here! And it brings a blogpost from one of my favorite people. :)

    Glad that all the rain out there is helping with the drought, and I agree with the idea that giving can be done throughout the year and not just on Hallmark Holidays™ like Chrimbo, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day ad nauseam. Have a fantastic Solstice & holiday season; I wish you much joy, good health & creativity in 2015!

  2. Shonna says:

    Thank you for your post my dear! Was wondering if you and B. had to get out your kayak to go to downtown Santa Rosa during the big flood? We saw some footage of some kids doing just that. Stay warm and dry, we’re thinking of you… Love ya.

  3. Such richness in this post. I’m down in AZ packing up my mom’s house with my sisters, and I’ve been thinking as we pack and distribute so many dear treasures about how my parents made the holidays so special. I am agonizing regarding the drought–should I plant the bare root fruit trees finally, and there are two new garden plots ready to till and plant once the water is there. One will be a memorial garden for Mom. Thank you for this. Let’s keep thinking “RAIN”!

    • I totally resonate with all you wrote: am so moved thinking of your family traditions, as I recall mine. Feel very lucky to have had such loving memories, and encourage you to explore similar ones of your own, even if they are painful. Love the memorial garden idea; that should help guide you even thru thorny drought issues! Happy New Year!

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