Autumnal Equinox

Equinox means “equal night,” and on September 22, our Earth will see nearly equal amounts of night and day. The sun passes right over the equator at noon, and fall arrives when our hemisphere is tilted away from the sun. This is the bittersweet time of year when summer’s long, easy days grow shorter, and the light is lower in the sky. The leaves are already changing around here, and although the days are often still hot, there is a briskness, a coolness now, that I’ve noticed since just before our recent, surprising rain.

Lavender, purple sage

Bees in rosemary

We’re still in the middle of a very serious years-long drought, and B. and I have modified our garden to not include so many thirsty plants. However, the drought garden, filled with natives and low-water vegetables and perennials on a drip irrigation system, is quite beautiful. It is also home to a very healthy colony of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators and birds.


Black cherry tomatoes

Black cherry tomatoes

This time of year is also traditionally when we celebrate the harvest and honor its bounty. We’re still picking and pickling green beans and cucumbers, and our beautiful black cherry tomatoes are finally coming in. And, for the first time, we’re harvesting hops and will try making our own beer.

Surely there’s much to celebrate here! Please share any tips for drought gardening, or harvested produce, and have a happy equinox!

Beautiful Indian corn

Indian corn


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7 Responses to Autumnal Equinox

  1. utherben says:

    Have an excellent Autumn Equinox, my friend. Hope you’ll blog about the beer brewing experience!

    • Oh, you bet I will (or I will at least let you know how it turns out). Am now freezing the hops for a bit, until I have some time and all the necessary supplies. Happy Equinox, dear friend!

  2. Chris Stevens says:

    Once again, beautiful post, best wishes for the fall, happy Autumn Equinox! I always dread this time of year, then once it’s hear, I revel in the quality of the light through clouds and rain, and some of the best sunsets of the year.

    Years ago I brewed a lot of beer, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them…

    • Awesome, thanks, I will ask! I know what you mean, though. Despite my love of the dark, and of gloomy weather, I find it hard to keep my mood and energy up during such times. Just want to burrow into a den!

  3. Chris Stevens says:

    Oops I meant “here” instead of “hear,” I find myself making more of these errors now that I’m almost 44!

  4. owlwoman says:

    Your garden sounds wonderful! And yes, please keep us updated on the beer…

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