Camping at Lughnasa

Just in time for the Lughnasa holiday, to celebrate the year’s bounty and honor the shortening of the days, we found ourselves on a long-awaited camping trip:

Trinity Alps, California

Lake, dropped out of nowhere like a jewel,
Surrounded by dark, forested peaks.
Full moon rose fast,
Illuminating the fish jumping in the lake.

Starshine reflected in the dark waters – a first –
The Dipper rising in the sky,
Cacophony of bullfrogs at the water’s edge, their chorus
Waant – waant – waant – waant!

The lake cold, incredible after the hundred-degree journey north,
All the skin on my body tingling, alive.
Oh, to be here, in the glorious quiet,
With my one true love,
As nature works her rough, seductive magic.


About thislittleplot

Writer, hiker, loafer
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2 Responses to Camping at Lughnasa

  1. Wow NICE! Thanks for sharing dude.

  2. utherben says:

    Lovely poem, lovely bullfrogs. What joy to be out in the wild during Lammas! May your harvest be plentiful and nourishing, my friend.

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