New Year, New Life

After a tough year in 2012, starting our new life in our new home seems only fitting in this new year. I also have adopted a new look for this blog; please let me know what you think!

Up here in Sonoma County, a little over an hour north of San Francisco, we are near much natural beauty – rivers, the sea, and rolling hills. The light at the end of each day is sublime. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When we were harvesting (picking up off the ground, that is) the thousands of walnuts that fell from the neighbor’s huge old tree that dangles over our yard, B. made a new friend: a little goldfinch who didn’t seem to know fear of humans. He just kept approaching B.’s open hand, until finally at about 3 inches he turned around and flew up into the tree.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While the wintertime is cold and not yet a good time to plant seeds in the ground, we have kept busy with seed catalogs, exchanges, and utilizing our huge walnut supply. We’ve given many as gifts, donated a boxful to a local food bank, frozen some, and made some amazing recipes:

Pesto with basil;

Pesto with anchovies (& I added black olives to this, most excellent!);

– Pizza topped with anything and walnuts at the end;

– Walnut and banana bread;

– Apple-pear pie with walnut crust;

– Walnut soup; and on, and on, and on, from adding walnuts to oatmeal in the morning, to walnut butter on bread with jam. Thanks to all whose creative recipes we have used and adapted. If anyone has more suggestions for walnut recipes, please do share! This new experience, such bounty in our yard, is one we treasure.


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6 Responses to New Year, New Life

  1. tara linda says:

    Nice blog format. Love the new pic (where is it?)
    Your tree’s bounty is wonderful and well-traveled (we were munching away on your tasty walnuts on Xmas day at Y’s!!! Yum ;))
    Your place sounds sounds and looks awesome. Simply peaceful. That area is one of my favorite respites when escaping the city. Happy for you.

  2. Utherben says:

    So glad to see your post this morning! I like the new look for the blog; it’s good to change things up every now and again. The walnut soup recipe sounds intriguing…

  3. owlwoman says:

    So glad your new home is working out for you!

  4. Tom Mings says:

    Check out walnut-based veggie burger …place over near trempeleau, WI is known for them as I recall, think they even have a frozen product that sells in some freezer sections out here.

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