Giving thanks

This Thanksgiving marks our first in our new home, in western Santa Rosa (about 1 hour north of San Francisco). The area is lovely, peaceful, and close to nature in all directions. It’s a big farming region, and folks up here are also very much into biking, growing their own food, cooking, and arts/crafts.

Coming here has been a difficult, strange transition: after many years at our great little San Francisco apartment, I had a hard time leaving. But we knew we’d have to move one day, and have found a wonderful place. When my mother died – not unexpectedly, but somehow it still took me by surprise – just before the move, I found myself feeling more and more grateful to come to a new home.

Especially remembering Mom, and her love of nature, gardening, and spending time at home with her beloved family, I’m thankful for our newfound bounty: the neighbor’s tree drops a veritable cornucopia of walnuts in our yard! The streets around here are shaded with great old trees like redwood, sycamore, and spruce. Our neighbors seem kind, respectful, and friendly. Both B. and I feel very, very lucky.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Please consider helping out the many that suffer from Sandy, Athena, and generally from poverty and hunger; options abound.


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7 Responses to Giving thanks

  1. Shonna says:

    Blessed be and cheers to you both! From the looks of things, you might be needing some walnut recipes. Can’t wait to see your new house & yard, congratulations again!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Utherben says:

    I’m so glad – and relieved! – that your settling-in process is going well. Congrats on the move, as well as the walnuts. :)

  3. owlwoman says:

    A new phase of your life has begun. So sorry to read of the loss of your mother, but happy to hear that your new home is turning out to be so good.

  4. janet parker says:

    Love the walnut pic — it’s beautiful.

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