Glen Canyon, San Francisco

(Not to be confused with the fabulous Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, exposed by receding Lake Powell, in Utah/Arizona)

Photo courtesy of Chris Carlsson,

A while back, B. and I headed to the nether regions of our San Francisco neighborhood, trekking over Douglass Street down into “our” Glen Canyon – which I’d never visited in all my years here. Descending the steep hillsides, brushing away overgrown ivy and weeds that grasped at our ankles, we came upon oak, eucalyptus, scrub, riparian habitat, and grassland – a 70-acre wild haven.

A recreation center and tennis courts sit at the southern border, where the park splits, on either side of Islais Creek, one of just two remaining open creeks in SF. Here at the foot of the canyon, signs pointed our gazes upward, at raptors riding the air currents and swooping down between rock formations carved over millions of years.

From there we wended our way out and eventually ended up in Glen Park, a secluded and charming neighborhood near Diamond Heights, the Mission District and Noe Valley. Here you can dine, browse through bookshops, or get a drink in a friendly local bar. Another aspect of the City that I love: no matter how much time you spend here, there always remain hidden gems ripe for discovery!

PS: I was pleased to read about local hero artist and filmmaker Alden Olmstedsaving some CA state parks slated for closure due to the sad state of CA’s budget, as reported in the SF Chronicle – an inspiring example.


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3 Responses to Glen Canyon, San Francisco

  1. Shonna says:

    I used to hike regularly with my dog through Glen Canyon Park… it was fun and I have very nice memories of days with Oscar running the trails. He would always stop if I got too far behind and look over his shoulder at me… like he was saying, “come on!”

  2. Reading this reminds me of how much I still didn’t experience in the 10+ years I lived in SF too. Reminds me to embrace the day and all of its possible adventures.

  3. tara linda says:

    Beautiful. So true about the ‘hidden gems’ in the Bay area, both in resources (the redwood groves, beaches) plus the quaint, self-contained neighborhoods. We’re kinda lucky that way. ;)

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