Some years back, a friend articulated so well the tension between her desire to connect with other people, and to be alone. For this socially awkward and naturally shy writer, I’ve been obsessed since childhood with the idea of belonging and connecting versus retreat and solitude. To me, nature and the garden encourage my privacy and seclusion, giving room to breathe, to appreciate the moment and escape other mundane worries, and heal in a peaceful environment. But they also can be vehicles to connect, via community gardens and advocacy organizations. The reality is, bonding over these commonalities (or others, poetry or music just two examples) makes a tremendous difference in life.

Among friends sharing their ideas through a myriad of venues, a few to follow on the web (see Links to the right):

  • Dinnie Arroyo, capturing landscapes both urban and wild in her evocative photography
  • Bike Is for Go, avid cyclist and writer I had the good fortune to meet in grad school
  • Chris Oddo, ardent Fan Child of all things tennis
  • Rachel M, the wit behind the Social Socialist

William Butler Yeats, another favorite poet of mine, writes in his poem “The Municipal Gallery Revisited”:

Think where man’s glory most begins and ends
And say my glory was I had such friends

If we can reach out and be met with understanding and kindness, friends make worthwhile our experience on this little plot of earth we call home.


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4 Responses to Friends

  1. The Yeats line hits home right now. I needed that, so thanks.

  2. stacey says:

    Oh, I just love this piece…!!

  3. mamings says:

    Love your writings, Irene.

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